• Big Data Analysis

    Big Data Era has come. The key to the success of product R & D is the analysis of market demand big data, and its start and solution is the analysis of user demand pain points. With 10 years of online and offline retail experience, responsible attitude to our products and customers, we combine market trends, user needs, product development feasibility, help customers to empower every product.

  • Innovation Design

    "Innovation" is the guarantee and soul of enterprise to maintain long-lasting vitality. We possess years of experience in product design, R&D, manufacturing across industries, full-hearted professional team and perfect flexible management. Think, design, R&D, manufacture, control quality from the perspective of market demand, product function and user experience. We own engineers and technicians who have over 10 years of R&D experience in many fields, especially in electronics, health & personal care, pet supplies, beauty, home & kitchens, etc., providing our customers with new, statistically based product function definition, innovative visual ID and structural design. We make use of dynamic visual effect to present the core concept and value of our products and brand, creating high quality visual experience for our customers and users in the era of "facial attractiveness". Excellent structural design leads us to realize numerous creative products. The combination of the product's outstanding appearance and its solid inner composition provides a complete and reliable solution for businesses.

  • R & D

    Strong industrial chain resource integration and R&D manufacturing are the guarantee of market-based product. We locate in the Pearl River Delta, the core of the "World Factory" industry chain. We accumulated many years of cross-industry experience in product R&D and manufacturing industry chain, we own engineers and technicians with more than 10 years of experience in R&D, manufacturing and project management in many fields. We have a rigorous project management process including perfect mock-up making, risk prediction assessment, mold design and production, software and hardware development, small batch trial production, verification and quality control, and on-site mass production. With the responsible attitude to the using experience of each product, we continue to create high-quality cost-effective products and business value for customers.

  • Quality Control

    "Product Quality" is the cornerstone of the sustainable development of enterprise, quality control is the most critical part in product design, R&D, and manufacturing. We have more than 10 years of experience in cross-industry product quality control, and professional quality management team with more than 10 years experience, quality control standards, to complete a comprehensive and rigorous quality management process, such as R&D quality verification and evaluation, pre-production trial comprehensive testing and certification, incoming material compliance inspection, manufacturing quality control, pre-shipment inspection, post-sales data summary and optimization improvement, etc.Adhere to the company's mission of "Make every product the best!", we have a responsible attitude to product quality and experience, to provide every user with high-quality products and continue to create value for customers.

  • Large Supply Chain

    Liangwei is a company that provides customers with integrated product solutions in design, R&D and manufacturing as well as large supply chain services. We have more than 15 years of experience in online and offline sales at home and abroad, fast and high-quality product market development channels, perfect brand positioning and market price control ability. By integration of high-quality industrial chains, we provide customers with professional one-stop supply chain services, to provide each user with products with competitive price and quality assurance, to offer strong support and assurance of large supply chain for every customer's market expansion, thus achieving better business and social value.


  • Electronics Electronics
  • Health & Personal Care Health & Personal Care
  • Adult Products Adult Products
  • Home & Kitchen Home & Kitchen
  • Beauty Beauty
  • Sports & Outdoors Sports & Outdoors
  • Pet Supplies Pet Supplies


From creative R & D to production and launch, Liangwei is down to earth in every step. Whether it is a product's design, structure, parts manufacturing, or semi-finished product manufacturing, finished product production, we can flexibly provide the services required by our customers according to their needs. Liangwei regards integrated production of big data analysis, innovative design and R & D as its core. Relying on the capabilities of strong supply chain integration, professional design and rapid customized production, it integrates advantages in supply chain links such as R & D, raw material procurement, manufacturing, and marketing, with customers in major industries like electronics, home kitchens, health and personal care, adult products, pets, beauty tools, sports and outdoors providing integrated product solutions in big data analysis, design, R&D and manufacturing as well as large supply chain services. With the "win-win" business approach, we help our customers to empower and enhance their competitiveness in the non-core business of the industrial chain, so that they have more energy to focus on the core business, gain competitive advantage and win sustainable development.

  • ODM
  • OEM
  • OSM
  • ODM——Original Design Manufacturer

    We will systematically analyze the key points of the market according to the customer's needs and big data analysis to turn them from vision to reality and complete high-quality products. Liangwei is a company that provides customers with integrated product solutions in design, R&D and manufacturing as well as large supply chain services. It has more than 10 years of professional teams on design, R & D and manufacturing, and quality management and control, which can empower customers' needs and provide superior value services.

  • OEM——Original Equipment Manufacturer

    Branded customers are responsible for the design and development of new products using their own core technology, and Liangwei undertakes OEM production according to the individual requirements of our customers. In addition to our excellent mold design, production management and quality control capabilities, we are also able to integrate the supply chain resources of Shenzhen, the design capital of China, Dongguan, the manufacturing capital of China, and even the whole country to provide customers with high quality OEM services that exceed expectations.

  • OSM——Original Strategy Manufacturer

    When customers encounter systemic management problems caused by products and markets, Liangwei can provide innovation-centric product development and industry chain services as a whole solution to design high-quality cost-effective products with the latest technology content to meet or guide market consumer demand. Design is a systematic business practice and innovation must be based on a seamless docking of market trends and industry chain management. Systems and strategies, therefore, are both the way Liangwei operates and the guiding philosophy for serving our customers.


  • Big Data Research

  • Product Programme

  • Industrial Design

  • Engineering Verification

  • Mass Production

  • Product Delivery


Big Data Research


Analysis of User Demand Survey

Analysis of Mainstream Products' Bad Reviews

Analysis of Mainstream Products' Functions

Analysis of Product Market Demands

Fund Investment

Planed Investment Budget

Evaluation Process

Analysis of Product Definition

Project Mode Discussion

Technical Feasibility Assessment

Supply Chain Resource Input Assessment

Quality Control Project

Product Quality Feasibility Assessment

Cost Budgeting for Basic Project


Analysis Report on Product Sales Requirement

Analysis Report on Products' Bad Reviews and Complaints

Analysis Report on Product Function Definition

Analysis Report on Product Technical Feasibility

Project Development Planning Report