Production Assembly


Production Assembly is the last key step of market-oriented product implementation and mass production. All products must be finely ground, assemblied and processed in the production workshop, so superior production, assembly and processing and strict control process standards are crucial to ensure that the product implementation on time, quality and quantity. After more than 10 years of R&D, OEM and manufacturing, we have accumulated rich experience and resources, and a mature production management team in the production assembly of products. We use information technology to implement enterprise information management, closed and integrated products systematic management of the production, processing, circulation, sales and consumption. That is, we utilize the advanced technology and scientific management to create safe and high-quality products.

Production Assembly Process
Start → Production Task List Formulation → Pre-production Preparation → Material Preparation → First Part Production → First Part Inspection → Method Improvement → Cause Analysis → Batch Production → Finished Product Inspection → Inbound