Big Data Analysis


Today we have entered the Big Data Era, and the era of defining product and user requirements by the personal experience of product managers or bosses has passed.

Liangwei is an integrated product technology company that provides design, R&D, manufacturing and supply chain for customers based on big data analysis of product demand. The user is the judge to decide whether the product is good or not. We use the product data research and analysis to determine what the customer's product needs are, and where the customer's pain points and itchy points are.

Liangwei takes the product experience demand as the core and follows the integrated rules of "Resources, Technology, Production, Exchange and Consumption" from the four dimensions of "Concept, Product, Commodity and Business". We use many analysis methods, including market and competitor analysis, the customer analysis such as bad reviews, pain points, and itchy points, and the strategic analysis of the crowd portrait, CMF application, positioning style, series planning and others, to generate the complete "R&D Project Data Analysis Report". At the same time, we conduct multi-dimensional simulation of product use environment to improve the overall knowledge of the product. Then we brainstorm for many times to pinpoint the precise selling proposition for the product, thus finding the best solution for customers' demand pain points. Doing so will satisfy customers with a good experience of product requirement definition, and make product value and innovative design more effective and targeted to ensure product R&D success rate.